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  Hi, friends! I fiiiinally finished something super special that I've been working on for a couple of weeks! I've had a lot of inquiries about getting a PR team but so I've really been on the fence about either a PR Team or an Affiliate Program. I ended up going with an Affiliate Program! So exciting!

It'll replace our current referral system, where you get points for referrals. Instead, affiliates will get 5% commission on all qualifying orders! 🥳 Currently open for applications! Applications close May 29 and affiliates will be selected May 31! Spots are limited; I can't accept every applicant as it would be too chaotic for me to keep up with.

Why an Affiliate Program?
PR team members do a LOT for shops—a lot of their own time is spent staging, videoing and posting. They deserve to get paid for helping me spread the word!

Thank you all, I appreciate every share, comment and like! I hope you all are having a great start of the week!


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Questions? Please contact me here!